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WixDay ("Company," "we," "our") considers you to have accepted the following legal disclaimer terms when you visit our website or start using our services:

For Information Purposes: Our website and its content are provided for general informational purposes only and do not intend to provide legal, financial, or other professional advice. The information on our website does not substitute for professional advice in legal, medical, financial, or other matters.

Legal Responsibility: The content and use of our website do not establish any legal relationship or assume any legal responsibility. It is important to consult a professional legal advisor for any legal issues you may have by using our website.

Guarantees and Commitments: The Company does not guarantee that the information presented on our website is accurate, up-to-date, or complete. Your use of our website is at your own risk. You should make your own evaluation when using any information or service.

Third-Party Links: Our website may contain links to third-party websites. These links are for informational purposes only. We do not control or assume responsibility for the content or reliability of these third-party websites.

Jurisdiction and Authority: This disclaimer is interpreted in accordance with the [Legal Principles and Jurisdiction Area of Your Country]. In the case of any dispute, [Courts of Your Jurisdiction] have jurisdiction.

Changes: The Company reserves the right to update this disclaimer at any time. Changes become effective when published on our website




Last Updated: 11/01/2023

WixDay ("Company," "we," "us") respects the privacy of our customers and users visiting our website and places great importance on the protection of personal data. This privacy policy explains how our website collects, uses, and protects personal information. Please read this policy carefully and ensure that you understand it.

Collected Information:

When you visit our website, you may enter personal information such as your name, last name, phone number, and email address. This information is used to communicate with you and provide our services.

Data Usage:

The personal data we collect is only used to provide you with services and to communicate with you. This information is not shared or sold to third parties.


The security of personal data is important to us. We take appropriate security measures to protect your data and prevent unauthorized access.


Our website may use cookies to enhance the user experience. Cookies are small text files stored in your browser. Please review our cookie policy.

Third-Party Links:

Our website may include links to third-party websites. These links may be subject to different privacy policies. Therefore, when visiting third-party websites, it is important to review their privacy policies.


If you want to reach us for questions, suggestions, or feedback, you can visit our [Contact Information] page

Privacy Policy

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