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Let's boost our success stories together with WixDay

More with WIX Code Power

Accept Calculated Payments with Custom Code-Managed Forms

Are you looking to go beyond ordinary forms? With our custom-coded forms, accepting payments from your customers becomes more powerful and flexible. On the Wix platform, you can step outside the boundaries of standard forms and integrate your own custom calculations and business processes

Smart Forms with Calculations


The website, entirely designed by the WixDay team, allows customers to tailor cleaning services to their preferences. They can adjust the quantities of each service option, instantly viewing the corresponding fees and total service durations in hours and minutes. This interactive experience provides our customers with a clear path to understanding our services and creating budget-friendly options.

Along with flexible forms, we enable customers to visualize the service they've purchased accurately. This special form calculates the total service duration and presents the pricing, providing transparent information about the service they will receive. This way, our customers can make informed decisions.

Once the purchase is completed, we automatically send a notification email to our customers. Additionally, we add the service day to their digital calendars. At the same time, new tasks assigned to team members at the business are automatically generated.

Please note that all these advanced services and flexible solutions offered by Comfy35.Cleaning are conducted through the next-generation domain address, Every step, from successful graphics to obtaining the next-generation domain name, is managed by our in-house development team. To see what we are talking about, visit the live website:


With the project content developed by the WixDay team, the Energy Swim Club has achieved more successful management with online service solutions tailored to the needs of a club. The project not only enables potential members to participate in swimming lessons online but also allows them to be easily managed and control the financial processes they create.

The project starts with the club's defined courses on the project website. Each course is listed with its own identity and pricing. After the membership process, a special email is automatically sent to members providing information about the services.

However, the innovative features of the project are not limited to this. In the first physical contact, members are given cards with special square codes. By reading the square codes on these cards at service acquisition addresses, on-site attendance can be taken. This allows you to instantly track all your members and participants. You can also see remaining credits and member validity periods.

Even if your swimming pool is located in multiple places, there is no need to worry. With WixDay's integrated solutions, it is possible to track dozens of courses and hundreds of members in real-time. Monitoring course steps and financial transactions is now possible with just a few clicks. Thanks to the control panels specially designed for club management, club managers can instantly control financial information, membership status, performance curves, and other data

Energy Swimming Club Membership Card

Smart E-commerce Websites

Wholesale or retail, e-commerce websites tailored to all your setups are more profitable with WixDay

The secret to success in the e-commerce world is all about impressing your customers, showcasing your products at their best, and effectively managing traffic. That's why, at WixDay, we offer you much more than standard templates

Setting up an e-commerce website with Wix

E-commerce revolves around focusing on the features of your products and the needs of your target audience. WixDay offers its expertise in creating custom e-commerce websites based on this principle. Whether you sell your products in wholesale or work with a distributor network, we facilitate traffic management by utilizing integrated data based on product features


The expert team at WixDay combines design and functionality to make your e-commerce site unique. We not only focus on the appearance of your site but also prioritize user experience. We help you showcase your products in the best way and easily guide your customers.

Tailoring to your specific requirements and goals, we provide you with a perfect e-commerce website. With WixDay, go beyond being ordinary, grow your business, and achieve success in online commerce


Wix e-commerce solutions

WixDay takes you to the top in Google Ads, Google Maps, and Google Looker Studio!

We're doing great on Google!

If your business already has a Google presence, we improve it; if not, we create it in the healthiest way possible. Then, we successfully achieve a series of goals such as product promotion, attracting more visitors to your local store, promoting your services, increasing your visibility by selling more services, and attracting more visitors to your website. Let's briefly look at these topics:

1 - Be Found on Google Maps!

Having your business express itself at the correct address makes it easier for people to access and increases trust in your business. Increasing and keeping your reviews up to date is also a valuable asset. We are ready to put you on the map or strengthen your account

Our Google Ad Management Skills

Google arama ağında bulunun

2 - Stand Out on the Google Search Network

We bring together the most relevant keywords that describe you with the most efficient algorithms. This way, we ensure that our ads reach the pre-defined target audience at the right moment. We not only save your budget but also increase your chances of reaching potential customers.

3 - Reach Your Target Customer Audience with YouTube & Gmail Platforms

Tell your story in the most effective way possible in a short time with well-crafted graphics, animations, or video shoots on trusted Google platforms used by millions. Our experienced team is ready to include you in their success in this regard.

4 - Achieve Your Goals with Social Media, Especially Instagram & Facebook

We ensure that you appear to your pre-defined target audience, with criteria like geographic location, gender, consumption habits, age range, and interests, at the right times and intervals. We're here to make sure your clicks, calls, or, in short, your conversions are efficient

Google haritalarda bulunun
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